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How to Fix Bad Credit

So you’ve encountered a situation where your credit is less than perfect, and now you want a way out, right? You want to know how to fix bad credit so that you can get out of the hole that you are currently in. Well, a lot of people might tell you different payment options that you can go into to start to raise credit, but the fact is that the easiest way to find credit improvement is to make sure that your credit report is even correct in the first place. It is very possible that you have bad credit only as a result of problems in the system, in which case there are ways that you can go about mending the situation.

You may be under the impression that once something goes on your credit report, it is automatically set in stone. Though that may have been how it was several years ago, the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to check the information on your report and dispute anything on there that is false and can be proven so by way of evidence. You need to know that the evidence behind your claim must be strong because credit companies are going to fight the validity of their own information. If you have that kind of proof, then you should be in good shape.

 You will probably have to find someone to help you cycle through your credit report to determine what is right and wrong. Eventually, that person can help you in proving your case. It is in your best interest to turn matters over to someone else who can devote the time and patience it takes to resolve the issues for you. If were to try to clean up bad credit alone, you would be in for a more tedious and frustrating event than you might be ready for. Don’t let the stress get to you. Take your information to Prime Credit instead.

 If you get help that is persistent enough, credit companies will have to restore credit back to you. Then you can go about other financially related options you have to fix bad credit. Just remember where to start. After you have all the problems resolved and you have seen some credit improvement, you can go about everything else you need to do to get that high score that you deserve.

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NEW Website Everybody Must Check Out !!!^

Restore Your Credit, Restore Your Life!!!

Prime Credit has just launched our brand new website designed to provide more information, easier access, and all new features.  We have a totally branded program for our broker and affiliate partners to where they have their own private portal access and are given their very own branded landing page for lead generation.  All improvements, deletions, and updates are now delivered real time to each client via email and the broker and affiliate as well so they can stay involved in the repair process in real time.  This will help stay on top their file with no effort at all and close more loans or make more referral income!!!!

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What to Do When You’re in Need of Identity Theft Restoration

Identity theft has recently become a troubling occurrence in the United States as more and more people are having to restore credit after someone else comes in and secretly spends their money. Identity theft holds no prejudices. It can affect any person, no matter the race, age, gender or the like. If you’ve been a victim of this unfortunate event, you may feel that there is no hope for credit improvement and that you are simply stuck with the after affects of some else’s carefree spending. Luckily, that isn’t the case. Welcome to the world of identity theft repair.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the perfect solution for someone who has gone through identity theft. With this act, you can review your credit and file a dispute against any false information on your report. If you can prove that there are errors on the report, then the Credit Bureau must remove the item from your report and restore credit back to you that you actually deserve. This allows for an identity theft restoration program that has never been seen in the country before.

To comply with the act, you’ll want to have someone take a thorough look at your credit report and review anything on there that may be false. Have them make a note of each invalid mark and then go in search of proof that it is false. If you find enough evidence, you can call on the well-trained professionals here at Prime Credit to talk to the company for you. On your own, this can be a rather long and often frustrating part of the process, so it’s often just be best to turn matters over to someone else. Your agent put will forth a strong effort as the credit company will insist on the validity of their information. He or she will take all the punches and headaches for you.

If everything goes well and your proof is finally accepted, the Bureau will raise credit accordingly, giving you the identity theft repair you deserve. Finally you will be rid of the sad and somewhat frightful events of the past so you can move on and fight your own credit issues, not someone else’s. There will probably come times when mistakes happen even when there was no one around to steal your identity, in which case you just go through the process all over again.

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Bankruptcy Killer!!!!!!^

Mike, one of our Senior Parnters, just removed our second Bankruptcy from a clients credit in a month and a half! WOW

Yes, it took him only 45 days to remove this bankruptcy from our clients Transunion.

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Prime Credit Welcomes R&R Sales Inc. ^

Prime Credit would like to welcome Gary Campbell and the staff of R&R Sales Inc in Orland, CA.  This is our first partner in this area and a the staff seems very exicted to be the first dealership in their market to implement this new opportunity to their community of car buyers.  We only partner with the dealerships that dedicate themselves and efforts in turning other denials into their approvals.  Prime Credit and R&R Sales wants the Orland Community to know we are bringing this new opportunity to automotive financing.  No more "NO’s" and a whole lot of "YES’s"

Visit their store today or give them a call to find out how you can Get Prime Credit and the new car you want on your terms.

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Prime Credit thanks all its Partner affiliates for the great work this month. And welcomes Nationwide Dealer Services!

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Did You Know You Can Change Your Credit Report?

You, like most people, are probably under the impression that once you get your credit report and corresponding credit score, it’s set in stone – take it or leave it. This can be a bit frustrating after awhile if you know that your credit score should be higher than what it is or you simply feel like there may be an issue with what’s on your report. Believe it or not, you actually have a legal right to not only review your credit report, but to also dispute anything on there that you have proof is invalid. This is sometimes a long and frustrating road, but it can lead to a lot of credit improvement if you are able to tough it out.

 The recently established Fair Credit Reporting Act is your saving grace in times of bad credit as it is the legal act that gives you the ability to make these disputes. The government realize that mistakes are going to happen, especially when the Bureau is having to monitor the entire American population, so they set the act in motion to give ordinary people a chance to clean up bad credit with a little help from professionals like those found at Prime Credit. Now you can use this to your advantage.

 If you don’t know much about credit or your credit report (and even if you do), it would be best to seek some professional help. Looking through the report can be very tedious work, more than most people have time for nowadays. Chances are you either don’t have the time to look through everything yourself or you don’t have time to dispute what results, so you might as well send it to someone who can devote the attention to your problem that it deserves. It is only through careful observance of details that you can find out what you can do to improve credit, so don’t tackle this alone. Let us take the stress off your shoulders and show you the clean future ahead.

 Overall, trying to clean up bad credit isn’t that hard to do. It’s just very frustrating and more than most people want to have to worry about on a regular basis. The Credit Bureau is very protective of the information they put on credit reports, and they will insist over and over that they have verified the information on there. As long as you have a team of people behind you and there is valid proof to back up your argument against what is on the report, the Bureau will eventually have to listen. The hardest part is getting through that “eventually” stage.

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A Simple Way to Get Your Credit in Good Shape

With the economy being the way it is, bad credit is just bound to happen. We all have to reach for our wallets and pay with the plastic cards that now sit where our cash used to be, and most of us simply don’t have the means to pay that money back. This in turn leads to a lot of bad credit build up that is seemingly irreconcilable. The truth is that over-exhausted spending may be the least of your credit problems. To really fix credit problems and restore credit back to its original state, you have to make sure what is on your credit report is right in the first place.

 Mess-ups in credit reports happen all the time. There are a lot of people that the Credit Bureau has to monitor on a regular basis, and sometimes things just fall through the cracks. It may actually be more likely to find a few errors on your credit report than it would be to not. In this situation, you have to seek the help you need to review your credit report and find the flaws within it. Here at Prime Credit, we can help you cure bad credit quite easily by doing some investigating into whether or not your credit is bad for a solid and valid reason.

 Cycling through your credit report to increase credit score can be rather meticulous, and tackling it on your own is never an easy task. It can especially be challenging if you have not ever examined your credit report in the first place as through fresh eyes, it can look like a bit of a nightmare to translate. That’s why we’re here to help. We’ve seen dozens of these things before, and we’ve worked with countless clients to clean up bad credit from their past. There’s nothing that says we couldn’t do the same for you.

In short, don’t let bad credit get you down. Though a lot of the bad score may actually be due to delinquent payments, much of it may also be due to mistakes. As long as you seek the right help to find those mistakes and can prove that they are invalid, you stand a chance to repair credit and get back on your feet again. Be prepared for your credit agent to fight for you as the Bureau will insist that they have accurate information. Just be sure to have faith in our abilities and all will be well.

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